About Kampo Medicine

The path to the development of new natural medicines through the fusion of Kampo medicine and modern

Plans to develop and manufacture new medicinal supplies, health foods and health drinks based on Kampo Medical Science.

There are many effective components with medicinal properties buried within the traditional chinese medicine, which's experience accumulated over thousands of years of history, that we do not know about yet. At that time period, pharmaceutical technology was still immature. Hence, it was not possible to elucidate all medicinal properties of used plants. However, present age science and technology is much more advanced and is evolving further with time passing by. By utilizing the latest science and technology, we will open up a still unknown world in the Kampo medicines field and apply the results to the development of new effective drugs that are kind to humans. That is what Kampo Medical Science is about.

And the ones researching and accumulating a great deal of information on the Kampo medicines field are we, the Institute of Oriental Medical Science.

Our Institute of Oriental Medical Science was established with the mission of widely instructing and offering professional education in the field of Kampo medicine in Japan. After that, for about 20 years, we have been developing Kampo medicine education business eagerly, based on Chinese traditional medicine (traditional Chinese medical science) and with strong support from the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, nurturing and producing many specialized human resources with advanced knowledge of Kampo medicine, including doctors and pharmacists. In addition, we are planning a full-scale commercialization/ industrialization based on the results of research on the usefulness of medicinal plants, which has been carried out in conjunction with the education business of Kampo medicine science.


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