Business description

Make the best use of Kampo medicine's highest level of resources.

Making natural medicinal plants such as traditional Chinese crude drugs safer and of higher quality with our original method. Specifically, the main businesses are as follows.

1.Research and development of new drug candidate substances (compounds) derived from medicinal plant components

We are conducting research on various medicinal plants that are used as raw materials in Kampo medicine to search for medicinal ingredients (compounds) that have the potential to become “new drugs”. We also  research and develop highly functional health foods that contain herbal ingredients.
3 Lotus germ-derived component compounds (antidepressant effect; sedative)

● September 2010 US patent acquisition
● March 2011 Japanese patent acquisition
● June 2011 European patent acquisition

2.Research and development and sales of high-level health food

In addition to mental health related illnesses such as dementia and mood disorders, we are actively engaged in the research and development of high-level health foods that can deal with various fields and conditions such as lifestyle-related diseases, atopy / allergies, anti-aging, etc.

3.Contracted clinical studies for Kampo medicines and health foods 

The Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has 5 affiliated hospitals with a total of 4,300 beds admitted and with more than 10 million patients coming annually. With the cooperation of the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospitals, we will develop contracted clinical studies for Kampo medicines and health foods.

4.Cultivation of crude drugs in collaboration with Japanese agricultural companies

Traditional Chinese crude drugs are human-friendly medicines, because they are based on natural ingredients. The cultivation of medicinal herbs, which are the main ingredients of Kampo medicine itself, is an important point for the quality, effectiveness and safety of Kampo drugs or products. We are also working with farmers in Japan to cultivate herbal medicine itself, aiming to realize higher quality cultivation in a shorter period of time.


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